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Remap Nintendo Switch Online controllers and shine with LEDs in reWASD 6.1.1

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  • Remap Nintendo Switch Online controllers and shine with LEDs in reWASD 6.1.1

    Meet our new version — with several internal improvements, fixes and new features we hope you will love. Let’s take a closer look?
    • Remap Nintendo Switch Online gamepads: N64, SNES, Japanese and International NES and SEGA Genesis
    6 new controllers were added today! They are working via Bluetooth and USB-C cable, and both connection types are supported in reWASD 6.1.1. Remap the new edition of the retro classic to play on the PC without any limits.
    • Assign Hold Jumps to Shortcuts
    We continue improving our new Shift mode introduced in reWASD 6.1. This time, we have added a new option for Shortcuts. More is coming to the next releases.
    • Get more options for Player and Home LEDs
    We have added the “Connected” state for DS4 and DualSense LED — it shines as Rainbow now. If you want to change it, please go to Preferences ( at the bottom right) -> LED Settings. Here, you will also see the new options for Player LEDs for Nintendo, Nintendo Switch Online, DS3 and DualSense. You will be able to distinguish the similar gamepads with the LEDs or use those ones for other cases.
    • Check Japanese localization
    …added thanks to our awesome team of Translators.
    • Remap Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3in1 gamepad
    And one more interesting device was added thanks to the reports from users. Which controller should we add next?

    And here is the list of fixes:
    • Fixed: The sticks of some Nintendo Switch Pro clones do not work
    • Fixed: Random Joy-Con buttons emulate wrong virtual controller buttons if both controllers are grouped and a config includes the Shortcuts of the controls from L & R Joy-Cons
    • Fixed: It is not possible to hook the buttons of the second Joy-Con in a group
    • Fixed: Xbox Elite Series 2 LED shows wrong colors after switching the Slots using the physical button
    • Fixed: Random GUI crash after grouping a few complex devices
    • Fixed: The second GIMX adapter is not working if the first one was created in the previous session
    • Fixed: The remap state of several configs with different GIMX adapters may not be restored after the OS restart
    • Fixed: The config that includes a Hold until release Combo with a half-pressed trigger could not be shared to Community
    • Fixed: It is not possible to edit the same Custom Response curve after the restart of the GUI in some cases
    • Fixed: DS4 reports the critical battery state after the applied config if it is disconnected but is a part of the working group
    • Fixed: The status of the External adapter is not refreshed on the fly in some cases

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    Great update, as usual. I know these incremental updates tend to have less fanfare/praise but adding 7 new controllers (one of which is really old at this point) and fixing a bunch bugs is just as important as adding huge new features (like the recent Shift Overhaul). 😀 Give yourselves a pat on the back for bringing this software even closer to perfection!


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      Thanks for your feedback! Going to perfection with each new update!


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        Very good update. So many retro controllers added. I suppose that now we have received Switch controllers versions support, but after users logs and reports, soon we can expect updates with originals connected to PC by Wii/Bliss-Box/RetroUSB/Mayflash adapters. Especially that even Sega Genesis Mini controllers are USB compatible (DInput), so it should not be so difficult when device is recognized by Windows. Very good step.

        Additinaly, Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3 in 1 (someone ate "s" in reWASD documentation ) looks like very cool controller, and I never heard of it... Natively have three modes: PC/PS2/PS3. Impressive! Is this controller detected as DualShock 3?
        Actually thanks to PS2 layout variant looks like controller has 2 more pressure sensitive buttons (Full DS2 layout + DS3 triggers). Are they supported in reWASD or they are all digital only?
        These Dual Triggers looks really like game changer (kind of third shoulder buttons, but none was pressure-sensitive).
        The connection is only by USB or PlayStation adapter is supported too? I have to start hunting for this device, as looks really interesting.

        Originally Posted by reWASDer View Post
        Which controller should we add next?
        This update brought for us some classic controllers and one very unique controller. I like such updates. I feel like reWASD does not let die wonderful controllers and this is beautiful.
        • From unique bin I would like to have GameSir G5 as it's great alternative for Steam Controller. Very unique device, which works perfectly on Android (even without official application) with three different modes. Has trackpad with 4 touch buttons, left stick, d-pad and a lot of buttons (including switch mouse/right stick for trackpad). One of my favorite devices for Android. It would be so good to be able to use it on PC. Especially that controller is visible in joy.cpl, but not recognizing any input.
        • From classic bin I would go for Xbox OG controller or DualShock 2, as they are my new gifts and they are waiting for better support for PC. Xbox for PC has already 3 different drivers (2 open sourced) which emulates only Xbox 360 mode. Two of them supports unique pressure-sensitive buttons, but they have limitation for only few axis. reWASD in DualShock 3 is supporting them much better. DualShock 2 has even worse and I was unable to use pressure-sensitive buttons on PC at all. But waiting for time when I will be able to use L2 and R2 as analog triggers. Soon Retro Fighters Defender controllers will start being delivered so maybe DS2 support in reWASD will be a good option. Users will start using new retro devices and they will be able to connect them to PCs too.


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          Hey there! Thank you for your feedback!

          Thanks for noticing my typo — corrected missed "s" here and in the release notes. Oops

          The controller itself looks pretty close to DS3 indeed. It has an interesting feature — additional buttons behind the triggers. So, the triggers work in analog mode, but there are two more buttons behind them — they are remappable in reWASD too. But all other buttons are digital only — there is no way to adjust zones like we have on the original DS3 controller now. The controller looks very fancy by the way

          Click image for larger version

Name:	DualTriggerPS3.jpg
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          Unfortunately, we could not find it easily — the support was added basing on the several iterations of the feedback from one of our customers.

          Thank you for new ideas for us — we are going to add new supported devices for sure. By the way, you can remap DS2 controller in reWASD if it is connected via PS2 to PS3 adapter (there are a few third-party connecters available). This way the device is recognized as PS3 controller, and even pressure-sensitive buttons are remappable