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Mouse moves around when in inventory RedDeadRP

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  • Mouse moves around when in inventory RedDeadRP

    Im trying to play RedDeadRP. When I go into my inventory or the saddlebag of my horse or anytime I need to interact with items that require me to move an item. I mouse is suppose to lock to the UI and not suppose to look
    ​​around. Mine isn't locking, i can still look around and when I left click to drag and drop something in my inventory i either punch someone or hit my horse which cause me to get shot by NPC or my horse kicks me. Im have a hard time explaining it but it is so incredibly annoying. It did the same thing when i played GTA RP

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Unfortunately, no one in our team plays the RP versions of said games, so we don't understand your issue.

    If you want some inputs to be "locked" or act differently, you should switch to a [Shift] layer where those controls are either [Muted] or remapped to something else. We recommend setting the key or button used to "open/close inventory" as a Shift jumper in Toggle mode.


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      When I go into my inventory my mouse doesnt lock to the NUI of the inventory interface I guess its called.I can still select things but my camera still moves in the background and my left click stills interprets my character punching. Im kinda losing my mind over it. It has always done it. Im using a controller and mouse if that helps. im at my wits end aarrgghh


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        I'm afraid your description does not provide enough information.

        We suggest checking control setting of the game and find what keys are used to work with the inventory.
        Once you find those, set up a [Shift] layer and have your mouse movement and buttons remapped to those keys.
        Then set the key used to open the inventory as a Shift Jumper to that new layer in Toggle mode.