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Allow copying of existing profiles to use as starting templates

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  • Allow copying of existing profiles to use as starting templates

    I registered just to post this as it seems like such a simple feature that gets lost in the more elaborate updates - allow copying of existing profiles.

    This would be extremely simple to implement but a huge time saver for me. There are some things I always like to do, like have a secondary config that uses the right stick as a mouse and 'R1/R-Bumper' as a left click - I'd really benefit from being able to copy a setup that has this to use as a starting point for more specific setups rathrer than starting from blank every time and doing that again and again.

    Another more minor thing that always bugs me is that the four paddles on an XBox elite start out mapped when creating a new setup and are never what I'm going to want them as, so the first thing I do is go through and unmap them all.

    Of course, if I could copy existing profiles then this would be negated anyway but I do wonder how many people actually want the four paddles mapped to whatever it is they always start off mapped to (I always have only the lower two mapped with the left being B/back and the right being A/advance).


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    We have "Clone" option in the context menu of the selected config:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ddfef41dbe.jpg Views:	0 Size:	26.1 KB ID:	217193

    Right now, it copies the config to the same game, but we will certainly extend this option in the next versions. Thanks for your suggestion!

    I can recommend you a bit tricky way how to clone your settings to the new profile.
    Visit the folder with configs: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles". Find the one you need, copy and paste it to another game folder. Hope it will work as a temporary solution

    Four paddles mapped to XYBA are a Microsoft's default configuration and that is why it is chosen as a blank config.


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      Hey there!

      We have added an option to clone game profiles too, it is also located in the context menu, but this time you will need to use the context menu of the profile itself.
      Please ensure that you have updated to reWASD 6.2