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rewasd for Linux?

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  • rewasd for Linux?

    Hi, this seems like a long shot, but are there any plans on releasing rewasd for Linux? This looks like great software that I would love to try one day on my Linux os. Thanks

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    Hi there,

    No plans to support Linux or other systems yet. Windows only. Although, we have added a new feature called External Bluetooth, where you may emulate an external virtual controller while using a Bluetooth adapter (whether a built-in, or a USB adapter). This way, you can use reWASD's virtual controller on Linux, for example, that support Bluetooth connection. Here are some details.

    Maybe it will be helpful.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      You won't believe it, but I wrote to the developers personally so that they decided to try their hand at developing rewasd for Linux, but they told me that this is not planned yet. It's amazing that people forget about such a cool operating system as Linux, in my opinion it is much better designed to work than Windows. Especially when I found out about centos 7, then I realized for sure that Linux will stay with me forever. The only thing I don't like about this operating system is that many developers don't develop software for this OS, because Linux is not very popular.
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