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    I'd wager not many users would have a need for it AND it's probably way outside of the scope of the software; so trust me when I say I understand this is a niche request. Feel free to tell me that this isn't going to happen rather than sugar-coating it with "we'll look into it" 😅

    MIDI Support. This would increase the amount of devices that reWASD supports by an infinite amount. Much like a typing keyboard, you don't need to support each device -- you support the keycodes coming in from said device. MIDI is sent to a PC as a string of numbers/letters (in base16) that carry information like MIDI Channel, note on/off, button velocity (how hard the button was pressed), continuous control info (sliders and knobs have sliding scale data output), etc. So unlike a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad you can't go into MIDI support with an expected set of inputs. There is no standardization in that sense.

    There is standardization in the data strings though. So to solve this, the few MIDI profilers I've tested use a "learn & assign" system. You press the button, turn the knob, or move the slider that you want to creating a binding for first, so the software knows what input you want to map, and then you assign a binding. It works a little bit like "hook controller buttons in UI" in reWASD where I could press Triangle and the UI will immediately move to that section. I imagine the UI for MIDI support would be very similar to the one for keyboard; an array/grid of physical keys and their bindings.

    Why reWASD though? I did mention there were other profilers. But c'mon, we all know how powerful reWASD is. And that's the reason. I haven't found one profiler yet with per-application bindings which means I'm manually enabling/disabling the profile when I actually get into music creation software and I can't feasibly run dedicated profiles since I'd spend more time in the profiler loading configs than actually using them. Plus the macros and shift layers are more features that aren't found in other software.

    This request is a bit of a long shot but I figured I'd ask. I wouldn't even mind if the MIDI features were handled as an add-on, much like the Turbo and Macro and Shift Layer add-ons. I'd gladly pay for the feature. And of course I'm open to sending logs and providing feedback on any testing. There's just so much cool stuff that could be done in games (and in the OS) when we can include drum pads, dials, and sliders to the mix. Imagine using a volume slider for fine tuned acceleration in a racing game or as a throttle in a flight sim. Playing Parappa the Rapper with drum pads. Or getting a bunch of knobs to work as in-game knobs in Train Simulator. Plus there is always the fact that someone could turn a budget drum pad into a StreamDeck alternative with reWASD controlling the bindings.

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    It's a pleasure to know that you find reWASD so powerful. Yes, it will be a great thing to support MIDI, still, at the moment, we can't promise anything. This is not just a new device, it is a new type of devices that we have never considered to be supported. Right now, we are working on several new gamepads, and so will be able to get back to this question later.

    Thank you for your ideas and challenges


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      That's pretty much the response I was expecting 😅. It's a massive undertaking and would require taking dev time from more popular features for something very few would use. Thanks for the response though.


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        I second the support for midi devices. I have several midi controllers all over my desk it it'd be great to repurpose those to other tasks sometimes. In general if reWASD would support more device type like MIDI (+ controllers with faders), Stream Deck and more, especially if there was a wider ranger of OS support, it'd become a powerful general purpose device for remapping controllers.


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          I'll also would love support for midi devices. More and more uses are coming up for these controllers. Flight sims, driving sims, media editors. Pulling out game controllers and ignoring all the midi controllers that can be such an enhancement to the sims is disappointing. I've been trying to patch in the Universal Controller Remapper, which although promising (but buggy) is nowhere as polished as reWASD. My ultimate reWASD support config would use midi, 3dConnexion, Stream Deck, Razer Tararus and my mouse and keyboard. Mapping all of these in MSFS 2020 or X4 or Construction Simulator would be the ultimate testament to the power of reWASD. (Please? Pretty please?)


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            We keep this idea in mind, but at the moment nothing has changed, and we cannot promise support.
            As soon as we understand whether it will be possible to implement it, we will definitely take into account your wishes and ideas.
            Stay tuned!​