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  • gyro refinement

    having the option to have the 'gyro' be 'gyro' and the 'lean' function in advanced be set to 'tilt' would go a long way. that way if i want to keep turning i can tilt to the maximum; foregoing the need of a tilt stick..

    also being able to see a representation of the sensitivity range would be very helpful. what if you added a colour inside the response curve line that acts as the current threshold visibly... that way i can see how far im pressing the stickin relation to where the sensitivity is. this will take a lot of guess work out.

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    Hello there. We would appreciate it if you can rephrase the suggestion about gyro. It is hard to understand as you are using words 'gyro' and 'stick' together.

    Regarding the response curve, hook and the live view of how it works, the suggestion is great. It is noted. We are looking forward to implementing such thing in the future


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      It's not possible to aim with gyro and turn.

      by having gyro function within a threshold and tilt function outside of one you can have small and medium movements be reserved for aiming and large ones for turning in an fps.


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        Do I understand correctly that you mean when the gyro deflects more than the threshold, then the movement continues even if the controller is stationary, but at the same time rotated by a certain angle?
        What kind of mappings can be used in this case?


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          Is it a hybrid solution?
          Yaw axis is used for small position movement.
          Roll axis is used for large position movement.
          This is my favorite plan.


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            Got it, thank you for the details.

            I am not sure at the moment how it could be implemented, but we will consider adding such mode and discuss it with a team. Thank you for the suggestion