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  • Support for HOTAS?

    You have a great software and I've been using it for many years. I'm looking for a tool to help map my various HOTAS systems to a central software. Now some come with software, like Thrustmaster TARGET, which isn't great and has been known to cause some issues. I've never had any issues with reWASD and just thought, wouldn't it be great, if you could recognize hotas systems, each are all recognized by the system, multiple axis's and many buttons. First step, just use them as Windows see's them, then expand to other models, like the TH 16000, very popular, then maybe the TH Warthog and other various systems. Since some of them have switches, positions, maybe a two way switch, which you would have to handle differently.

    I think you could get a huge additional group of users from these, as having ONE system to manage them all would be key. I would love to help, beta test, provide feedback, whatever. Maybe this isn't possible, but using a system like Joystick Gremlin is in use today, so I would think this is doable by you all.


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    Hey there!

    Thank you for your suggestion and willingness to help.
    We are planning support of flight sticks in the future and are working in this direction, but it is difficult to talk about even an approximate timeframe yet.
    Hope for your understanding. Thank you for believing in our team!


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      I am using dual VKB joysticks and would love to manage my joysticks and gamepad in reWASD. I am one of those who use Joystick Gremlin to connect both joysticks so that I can play games that don't support separate controls. I have found reWASD much more convenient/flexible and don't have to rely on vjoy support.
      Thank you for a great product!


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        Sure, please stay tuned for updates, as we really wish to implement this feature as soon as possible.

        Still, we need a time for that, so cannot provide any particular ETA, as it is already mentioned.

        Each update, we let all our customers know in all social medias the details about the update, so stay tuned


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          Hello, i also use Gremlin (because Target has a lot of problems) it is very complete and recognizes all joysticks, steering wheels etc... but it is not very user friendly, your software is much better.
          I imagine it's going to take a lot of work to support all the joysticks, trottles, pedals. In fact if you just support only VJOY as an input (and output) peripheral, I don't think we need more.

          What is very interesting is that pc joysticks, steering wheel and other will be usable on console with your software


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            Yes, it is now possible to emulate external virtual DualShock 4 and Switch Pro controllers in reWASD to connect to the console via Bluetooth or GIMX.
            Accordingly, when we implement support for flying sticks, they can also be remapped in this way.
            However, it is still difficult to talk about the approximate timing of the implementation of support for all these devices.


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              I have found on YouTube that possibly the best wrist-controlled HOTAS gamepad in the testing phase - 【GEMINI】. For now, they are working on Kickstarter, but it's worth keeping an eye on how they will develop their product. They took the best features from NeGcon by Namco and Dualstrike Sidewinder from Microsoft and pack everything in one shell. Looks very intriguing and worth considering support when HOTAS controllers will be supported.


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                Looks very interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.