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  • player position LED

    It's great that reWASD is able to take control of the various LEDs on the different controllers, but I would like to have the player position LEDs light up according to the order in which each controller is turned on, the way they do when syncing with a console. Currently, the only way I'm able to have the controller LEDs indicate the appropriate player, is if I duplicate the layout into all 4 slots for each controller and, after turning each controller on, assigning said controller the appropriate number slot so that it reflects the player position of that controller.

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    Are you about Nintendo controllers (Switch Pro of Joy-Cons)? Or DS3? Not a big difference, just curious

    Actually, we have something like this in mind. We want to upgrade the way how reWASD works with Player LEDs and let you choose which controller corresponds to which Player. That's a good idea to give them sequential numbers by default basing on the connection order. Thank you for your suggestion!


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      Thank you for the response and I'm glad to hear something is in the works.

      I use Nintendo Switch Pro controllers.


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        Got it, will be happy to share good news