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  • X elite internal memory

    First of all, great app, I looked into remapping for a while and this one is the best I found.
    But, is there any option to record the remapping in the internal memory of the xbox elite ? In order to be able to use your own remapping when you go to a friend's by instance.
    Because (unless it is there but I did not find it) this option is the only thing that xbox accessories has over Rewasd.
    When I use Rewasd if I change place, my four blank profiles become just that, blank.
    I may be a controller freak but i love the xbox elite 2 I recently bought and I travel with it all the time, it would be perfect if I could travel with my rewasd config also.
    Thanks for reading

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    Unfortunately, reWASD cannot work with the internal memory of the Xbox elite controller.


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      reWASD works only on the PC where it is installed. There is a workaround how to work on another device, using External virtual controller when your mappings are made on the PC with reWASD while they are also working on the devices located nearby, using GIMX or Bluetooth adapter. The thing you are describing should be left for the native software only, and I am not sure if we could ever make it possible and, more important, safe to use.

      If you want to travel with your configurations, you will just need to install reWASD on the PCs you use and bring your configs with you. By default, all config files are stored in Preferences ( at the bottom right) -> My data tab.