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8bitdo Gbros wireless adapter support with Gamecube controller

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  • 8bitdo Gbros wireless adapter support with Gamecube controller

    Hi guys

    So I see that Gamecube controllers are supported in reWASD. It looks like through the Mayflash adapter, the Wii U Gamecube controller adapter, and the Nyko adapters.

    I have an 8bitdo Gbros wireless adapter. It works great for playing GC games in Dolphin. It shows up in windows Bluetooth devices as 8bitdo Gbros, but it is detected by reWASD as an Xbox One controller. Since Windows recognizes it as the Gbros device, would it be possible to have reWASD represent it as a Gamecube controller?

    I would love to have the controller layout picture, mapping, and the ID/VID pic at the bottom of reWASD to show up as the Gamecube controller. It would make it much easier to distinguish it among all my other controllers and set up different configs for it.

    Just figured I'd throw the idea out there. Thanks for all you do! Love the software and all it's current features. Looking forward to future updates!

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    As far as I remember you should use Dolphin, or reWASD. Not at the same time. When you open it in Dolphin, the controller disappears from the system, thus, it cannot be detected by our software as reWASD does not work with third-party drivers


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      I see it has switch/xinput button - you can try to change mode and check how it is recognized in reWASD. In Xinput reWASD can see only Xbox controller.
      What concerns Dolphin, last time we checked it had direct support for Nintendo GameCube adapter with VID/PID 057E:0337, connected via USB.
      And it uses libusb layer which makes adapter not visible in Windows for other application, including reWASD. So indeed, it cannot be used by Dolphin and reWASD at the same time. But this 8bitdo adapter seems different and it is connected via bluetooth like new GameCube controller from Nintendo. So behaviour may be different.