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Choose controller picture for unsupported pads

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  • Choose controller picture for unsupported pads

    Hey guys!

    I was thinking it would be cool if you could load a layout picture of a controller if that particular controller is not currently supported by reWASD.

    for example if you have a Wireless Dreamcast controller that is recognized by reWASD as an Xbox 360 pad, you could change out the default 360 pad layout picture, with a pic of the Dreamcast controllers shape/layout.

    I have this old mapping software called XPadder and it had similar functionality. You could load a picture of whatever controller you wanted to use, then hit a button on the contoller you’re using to see that input button light up, then move the “box” or “container” of that input button into position over the picture of your controller.

    Basically all of the inputs seen by reWASD as 360 inputs for that controller could be little “boxes” that you could drag over the custom controller picture you loaded.

    it would make it much easier to see at a glance how you’ve mapped the controller as you wouldn’t have to translate the controller change in your mind.

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    We already had a similar idea to implement the ability to create a “global layout” for any controller.

    In this way, we would be able to support many other controllers that are recognized by the system, but not recognized by reWASD.

    However, it is still difficult to talk about ETA.
    Thanks for the suggestion and stay tuned!​


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      oh nice! sounds cool


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        This is a pic of those “boxes” I was talking about. Thought I had attached it to the original post.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	588E6843-8AD8-4ADE-BD01-36164C37F24C.gif
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        Will be interested to see how the global configuration works when you guys get around to it!
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          Thanks for the additional info.


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            nice work like it