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Swapping sticks on Shift

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  • Swapping sticks on Shift


    When I use the shift modifier, the D-Pad changes its bindings as expected, but the left stick stays the left stick. I'd like it to change to the right stick, but the input for the left stick is overwriting it.

    I'm counting assuming default is 'Shift 0'

    I did some testing by setting Shift 1 Left Stick to the mouse. In this case, when using the shift modifier, both the mouse input and the left stick input are accepted. FF14 only accepts one controller input at a time and lets you pick them conveniently; the Virtual reWASD controller is 'inputting' left stick under both shifts; this behavior carries over to the Windows Gamepad Configuration screen for the virual reWASD gamepad.

    So I did a little MORE playing around. If I unbind even just ONE direction on the Shift 0, Left Stick bindings to NOTHING, then everything works as intended -- except the SHift 0 Left Stick direction I unbound. For some reason, having a fully configured left stick on Shift 0 is overwriting my Shift 1 stick bindings.

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    Thanks for the config and detailed explanation. It seems that you have found an issue we need to look at deeply, because that is truly an unexpected behavior.

    Right now, I have made a tiny change in your config: I've removed mappings from the left stick in Shift 0. As for you have other buttons mapped to virtual controller and hit "hide my controller" on Apply, your stick is mapped to the virtual stick by default, so you just need add some mappings in Shift 1 in order your configuration work as you need.

    Please see the config attached (you will need to unzip it and double-click to import).
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      Turning on 'hide physical device' seemed to do the trick with your setup. FF14 really doesn't let you use more than one gamepad at once, so I figured that wouldn't be an issue. If you hadn't brought it up I still wouldn't have figured it out!

      Despite some of the issues I've had getting started, this app is really slick and is going to bring my whole setup for Final Fantasy XIV together. I've been trying to set it up to play on dance pad for the new Dancer class, and I paired that with the Wiimote & Nunchuck for movement and some extra buttons. There's a few apps that 'wrap' around the Wiimote to make it a 360 controller or virtual keyboard input, but only having one stick was a real issue. I could only pick two between moving, camera, and menuing, and one of those was on D-Pad. D-Pad camera controls are...bad. So much motion sickness.

      I think I'll leave the topic open until the morning in case something else comes up, but that was the one big hurdle I was stuck on tonight. Thanks for the help!


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        You're welcome. Feel free to post any questions that come up during reWASD experience.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!