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Minecraft item scroll (mouse wheel) binds on switch pro

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  • Minecraft item scroll (mouse wheel) binds on switch pro

    Hi folks.

    So I’ve started using my switch pro controller to play minecraft java(Which does not have native controller support) and sorted out my binds fairly quickly.

    Only thing I’m not 100% happy with is how the triggers react when bound to mouse wheel up and mouse wheel down for switching items on the hot bar. I have to press it and hold for it to react. If I want to scroll two items I can’t just quick tap it twice like how it works in bedrock editions.

    unfortunately I can’t re-bind mouse wheel in minecraft. I thought I could just remind scroll item to a key and then bind my triggers to that but sadly not an option.

    any suggestions would be ace! Would love item scrolling to feel reactive and tighter.


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    Have you tried to tune the scroll speed in reWASD?

    Click Virtual devices icon (1) and then maximize the Scroll Speed option (2):

    Click image for larger version

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      I will try this as soon as I get home! Thank you.

      Would I be correct in assuming that these “virtual devices” are essentially what the keypad is binding to? For example minecraft see’s these virtual keyboard and mouse as what I’m using, and my switch pro controller is pressing buttons on these virtual devices?

      Still learning the ins and outs of rewasd but loving it so far.


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        Virtual devices in reWASD are exactly the ones that are used for mappings.
        If you have keyboard-mouse mappings, those ones will work from the virtual device you adjust here.