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Why does my controller feel less responsive when remapped?

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  • Why does my controller feel less responsive when remapped?

    Ive notice decreased input responsiveness when my controller is connected through rewasd. Aiming and movement is noticeably worse compared to native connection. Is there a fix for this?

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    Could you please share the config (or a screenshot) you use with reWASD? It may be a chance that some settings are not correct.

    Also, there may be a chance that you use both reWASD and Steam native remapper (it is on by default), and so you get two inputs at once.
    There are two possible solutions: you can press "Unmap" for all controller buttons in reWASD (this will eliminate the native behavior) or you can turn the controller support on in Steam's Big Picture.


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      Thanks for the reply! Here's a screenshot of my thumbstick settings . I also don't have steam running so it couldn't be interfering with rewasd.


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        That is pretty strange because you do not have any mappings on stick, and so the settings you have adjusted has no effect on your stick. Nothing should be wrong in this case.
        Do you see the issues in some particular game?


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          I use trigger combos on fortnite. Is there a way I can use the trigger combos on specific buttons but then use native input for other buttons? ive tried the steam controller support and a similar issue occures.


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            Well, it is better to use the virtual controller in this case.
            However, Fortnite has some issues with controller detection, so I would recommend you to try reboot your PC after the you have applies the config so the game definitely will see only the virtual controller.

            Another way is to create a combo using keyboard actions and do not use virtual gamepad at all. In this case, you will need to check "Unmap" for triggers.