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Battery Tray Icon issue

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  • Battery Tray Icon issue

    I use a Microsoft Elite Xbox V1 controller on PC with rechargeable batteries inserted and connected via bluetooth.
    Therefore, in reWASD Preferences under Tray Agent, I activate the Battery level icon which then appears in the Taskbar.

    If the Microsoft Elite controller lies idle for 10 minutes, it disconnects and switched itself OFF, leaving the Battery Icon displayed in the Taskbar.
    When you press the Xbox jewel on the controller to switch it back ON, reWASD detects the controller once again, but displays a SECOND Battery Icon in the Taskbar.
    That is a minor bug, yes?

    And here is a suggestion regarding that Tray Agent Battery Icon ...
    It would be fantastic if reWASD could display a Warning Message or play a Warning Sound when the controller battery level falls to a critical level, before it disconnects and switches itself OFF.
    Would that be possible ?

    Love the reWASD software !
    Regards, FlySwat.

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    Thank you for the report. Will try to reproduce the problem and let us know results. What Windows OS do you have? Does remap is ON when a controller is idle?

    And thank you for your suggestion, will take it into account.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      My PC is running latest Windows 10.
      Trying to replicate this again today, I could not ! When the controller is switched OFF, either manually or after a period of inactivity:
      1. The Tray Battery Icon disappears (as it should).
      2. Remap switches OFF.
      Please disregard my bug report, sorry.

      But a critical battery level warning would be terrific for gamers !


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        Wait ... the multiple Tray Agent Battery Icon issue has returned.
        It happens after a run the "Rockstar Games Launcher", play "Red Dead Redemption 2" and then Quit back to the Windows 10 desktop.
        Today, in the Taskbar, I have 3 x Xbox Elite Tray Agent Battery Icons displayed.

        No big deal, but there it is.


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          So, it happens when you launch some games, but not when controller idles. This is what wanted to know. And we found the solution on how to fix it. We add this fix next release (this month) so stay tuned.

          And thank you for your assistance.
          Don't worry! Be Happy!


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            We have released reWASD 5.2.2 with the fix for the fake multiple battery icons. Please update to the latest version


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              Very good. Thank you !