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How to stop a Combo from working

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  • How to stop a Combo from working

    Following Situation.
    In Fifa 20 i play a Mode called "Friendship-Games" - Most of the Time its just for doing some Task (SBC etc)
    After scoring a Goal i could go AFK because i did what the Task requires of me

    In reWASD i made a Combo that is pressing some keys to prevend me to go inactive an get kicked from the acually Game.
    This combination is starting by pressing tripple "L1" - The Combo is in a Loop

    What i would like to know is how can i stop a Combo from running without quitting reWASD itself?

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    I have two ideas for you:

    1. Use Toggle instead of a Loop. Create a combo, then go back to this button and check Toggle. Now, you will need to press the button once to start executing a combo repeatedly and to press it again to stop it.

    2. Use this hotkey: both bumpers + Menu + View pressed together. This is an emergency stop of all combos executing in the moment.