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Modern Warfare - Mouse still detected

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  • Modern Warfare - Mouse still detected

    Hello! I'm using the profile from the community area for keyboard and mouse, I grouped my keyboard and mouse devices together, and applied the profile. However, once I'm in game, my keyboard functions in game, but my mouse does not. I simply get an alert from the game saying "you're using a controller, back out and switch to mouse to use mouse" or something like that.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

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    First of all, please check if the advanced mapping feature is ON (it has 3 days trial and should be active to use remote play config).

    If the feature is active, it may be a chance that the device initialization is not completed correctly.
    Please, proceed with these steps:
    1. Ungroup the Keyboard and Mouse, so all the devices are shown separately in the bottom left corner of the main window.
    2. Use Detection mode to find the correct Mouse.
    If you press the mouse button but see a keyboard in reWASD, then you will need to re-initialize it (from the context menu of an active device):
    3. After you are sure about all the devices, please group Mouse and Keyboard and try to Apply your config and test it. Open the joy.cpl (press win - > type joy.cpl - > Select Wireless Controller - > Properties and mouse the mouse press the keyboards to see interaction).

    Use the win button press to wake the mouse as it stops responding after config apply
    Also, do not forget to check the input device in the game -
    Don't worry! Be Happy!