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Problem with Switchs

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  • Problem with Switchs


    Actually i use a config with a Switch (Right Mouse Button); But strangly between the moment that i'm not on Switch (not right mouse click) and the moment i click on my Switch (right mouse click) the sensitivity look like different than habit.
    Do you know from where the problem is coming ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry, fo the late reply.

    May I clarify what config do you use and between what devices are you switching? Or it's main configuration - shift mode switching?

    Thank you in advance.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      While you do not press Right Mouse button, the Main configuration is active. Maybe you have changed something in Advanced mouse settings or Virtual controller settings in Main configuration (Shift 0), so not it feels other way?


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        I will send you my config in few minutes so you can check it. Actually i dont know how to resolve the problem.

        When i dont use switch button (right mouse button) the sensitivity is "normal", when i begin to hold the switch, for few seconds the sensitivity going weird and after these few seconds the sensitivity is the sensitivity from the switch (right mouse button).
        I use rewasd to simulate a controller with m&k


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          Here is my config
          Attached Files


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            It's Shift not Switch (my bad)


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              Hm, there is no big difference between Shift and Main configurations, you just have a slightly bigger sensitivity.

              Maybe you need more aggressive settings inside the Shift? Games change the sensitivity for aiming pretty significantly.


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                I found from where the problem is coming after a lot of days, it's just the game! So i will work without Shift now and it's perfect, the problem is going out!
                Thanks for your help


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                  Never underestimate the power of in-game settings :satisfied:

                  Have a good gaming experience then!