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  • Trigger Zones settings keyboard and mouse

    I'm playing playstation now on PC, I'm just using the keyboard and mouse, everything is working fine but right now I need to use Trigger Zones settings to press RT MED and I don't know if this option exists for keyboard and if there is how I can get it working.

    I've already added the keys I want in the Trigger Zones settings.

    Click image for larger version

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    But when I activate rewasd it never works, I also noticed that when I click on the eye (disable sub configuration that do not work for the current device) the Gamepad gets darker indicating that it will not work.

    Is there any way for this to work?


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    You should not edit Gamepad sub-config if you are using a mouse and keyboard. The things which will be applied in your case, are in Keyboard and Mouse sub-configs only.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to emulate a partially pressed trigger at the moment, you can just set any key to work as a trigger, but not a zone.


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      Thanks for the fast reply.
      I'm sad... that are a lot of game that required to have partially pressed R2 and L2, should be something to consider in the future.
      Thanks for you help


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        Sure, your suggestion is taken into account. Stay tuned, it will definitely appear in one of the next releases.


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          Hello Miguelds

          We are happy to announce that the latest reWASD version supports partially pressed triggers that could be added from Key Combo section.
          This one will require two features: Combo and Advanced mapping.

          Would be grateful if you try it
          Please let me know if your trial for those features is over, so we could add a few days for tests.