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Diagonal inputs for fighting games?

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  • Diagonal inputs for fighting games?

    Friends, I can't seem to figure out how to setup diagonal inputs for Z-inputs and QC-FWD moves in games like Tekken and Street Fighter, which I am making challenge macros for. How would one go about doing these inputs? And can anyone provide examples from their own reWASD window?

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    You need to add two Dpad directions from the diagonal move (down-left for example). Then, you need to rearrange them so down keys are executed first, then both go up. Also, it's better to set Delay between keys to 0 and add a manual pause between downs and ups.

    It should look like this. Pauses are random so you may set the pauses you need in the game.

    By the way, you may record your combo using the "Start recording" button. It also works when reWASD is out of focus, so you may start recording combo, switch in the game, do a combo, back to the reWASD, stop recording, do some changes if it's required.
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