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Unusable after Update to 5.5 with Error

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  • Unusable after Update to 5.5 with Error

    Hi ReWASD Team,

    loved your software so far, but with Update to 5.5 my reWASD Version became unusable.
    A Controller DS4 is not registered anymore, reinstall did not help.

    Got this Error Message on Install.
    After startup get the other message, but install button does not do anything.
    Also my Licence has to be entered again.

    Need Help.


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    Seems that it's a system error message that definitely tells about some system restrictions. There are methods official MS provided, that are used to resolve the problem.
    I would also recommend checking the permission of the C:\Program Files\reWASD. It has to be full control. Also, please check and disable the antiviruses or security software installed and running on your PC.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Problem has been solved by

      - antivirus disablement
      - reinstall while disabled with restart in between

      BUT 5.5 is way to unstable, often stuck in "does no longer respond" never had this behavior before with 5.4


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        Thank you for your feedback.

        The ver. 5.5 is a public version that was tested before the release. I could assume that some system updates could cause such behavior. When exactly "sticking" happens? When you apply the config, during interface navigation, etc?

        Have you checked the Event Viewer of reWASD error codes?

        The next minor release 5.5.1 is coming soon, that will some optimization for better performing.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!