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HyperX Ngenuity software error

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  • HyperX Ngenuity software error

    Anyone else use a HyperX headset and have seen this error message and know if a work around??? here is the error message.

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    Unfortunately, we do not have this headset and could not test it in the moment.

    Could you please try to reinstall reWASD from scratch as a first step? Uninstall it, reboot, install and reboot again.

    Also, if the issue happens after the reinstallation, let's try to collect some logs. Please follow these steps (logging with reWASD part). Unplug the headset, start logs, plug it again, wait a few seconds, stop logs.


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      I'm having this issue as well with my hew HyperX Quadcast S Mic. This isn't an issue with the hardware but instead an issue with the NGenuity Software from the Windows 10 store.

      reWASDer you should be able to replicate the issue by just installing the software, you don't need the hardware. It will show the error when launched and reWASD is running.


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        Hello, PyroJing

        It is better to report this to HyperX, as it seems that this is a glitch of their software which should be fixed. We investigate this issue and this is not reWASD issue.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          I figured it was more their issue, which is why I opened up a ticket. I just saw this thread and thought I'd bring up the issue from both sides.


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            Thank you! Hope they will help with a fix.


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              Hello CobiLuck and PyroJing !

              We are happy to announce that the latest apps versions work together without any issues, and HyperX had already updated the list of incompatible apps on their official website and excluded the new version of reWASD from it. We would be happy if you could check it from your side too and let us know if something is still wrong. You can download the latest reWASD version from our official site.


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                I hadn't checked here in a bit, but decided to try it again and I can confirm it's working, thank you!