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Needing some help with reWASD with Warzone...

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  • Needing some help with reWASD with Warzone...

    Hi, so I've been playing around with rewasd and downloaded a config for Warzone, however when i go to try it out in game, it doesnt recgonize it. All of my physical controllers are turned off and disconnected, my DS4 is not open and not running in the background, and Warzone in game still detects a controller, which i am guessing is the virtual controller, so everything should be working? I dont know if I'm missing anything, but I've also applied the config and even turned on when the app is active, so im confused, a little help would be appreciated

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    my DS4 is not open and not running in the background
    DS4 here is probably not the DualShock4, right?

    With [Hide physical controller...] option in [Preferences > Gamepad] enabled, reWASD does hide controller that is chosen as active (or is in the active group), so that is a normal behavior.

    If you're mapping keyboard and mouse to a virtual gamepad, don't forget to group them up together. You can find them by enabling [Detection mode] (satellite icon) and pressing/clicking some buttons, corresponding device icon will flash.


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      Hi there,
      Don't forget group devices if you use a keyboard &mouse. As Shion mentioned, make sure that devices are detected correctly and config is applied to the right devices group.

      And check the advanced mapping feature (trial 3 days). It should be active if you just testing the software.
      Don't worry! Be Happy!