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Way to lock right stick while combo is being performed.

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  • Way to lock right stick while combo is being performed.

    Hi, I have built combos for a few fortnite edits but I am running into the issue of any right stick movement canceling the combo. Is there any way to have the combo turn off the right stick for its duration?

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    Hi there,

    What config did you create? Please send me the config you are using. Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles. I need the correspondent *.rewasd file.

    Thank you in advance.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      In this case the combo I am referring to is triggered by Down on the DPAD. It works fine if I don't touch the right stick at all for the duration of the combo ( <250ms). But I play with a very low deadzone so it would be nice to not need to worry about accidentally touching the stick and it throwing it off.

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        Edit. From what I have read it doesn't seem possible with the current options being only relative and absolute stick deflection. Potentially a new feature in the future could be a new deflection type that is "priority". Where it is like absolute deflection but instead of user stick input taking priority the "priority" deflection would (or an option to select input priority). I think this would be really useful especially for longer deflection combos where there is a higher chance of bumping the stick.


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          You need to use relative one, relative movement stacks with the stick movement and cannot be interrupted by touching the stick.


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            Relative is not really what I am looking for though, since stacking with an accidental touch of the right stick totally throws off the combo (I use tall sticks with a really low dead zone so its very easy to bump). I would like touching the stick to have no affect for the duration of the combo. Although I don't think that is possible with the current feature set.


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              It is not possible at the moment. We will think what is possible to do here in terms of our architecture.

              I would still suggest you to check relative deflections — if you do not move stick too much, you won't see the difference, as it will add just a small deflection you have with a small deadzone.


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                Unfortunately even the smallest of deflections seem to screw up the combo. I managed to find a workaround by adding shortcuts to combo button + right stick directions that reset deflections to 0, and adjusting the deadzone for that shortcut to trigger. But all this does is make it so if the right stick is being touched the combo wont even start, definitely not a real solution.


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                  I see. Then, stay tuned. Will add your feature suggestion to our to-do list.