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Tons of custom mappings of games but only a handful are actually posted? WTF!?

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  • Tons of custom mappings of games but only a handful are actually posted? WTF!?

    So, I noticed after creating a few profiles for games that aren't on here MONTHS ago, they are not listed in the search database. Ok, so I can't find my profiles I posted for the public, big deal.
    What dawned on me was that there are probably MORE unlisted profiles than listed ones, games that have got to be on here yet aren't listed for whatever reason.

    Why is this? We pay for a product so we should be able to see profiles made by other users, it just seems they may get vetted by person but this is an impossible task as more and more users upload.
    Is there any way to actually view ALL posted profiles?

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    I really have no idea what you mean, because, for example, this config has been published for almost a year ago and it is still available.


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      OP specifically states that games aren't being showing in the search database. I don't know how widespread this is but if I type "Guild Wars" into search then I only get "Guild Wars 2" as an option to select from. But I have a Guild Wars 1 config uploaded to the community. The only way to get to it is from my community profile page though which is not intuitive at all for discoverability.

      edit: might have found the problem with that specific case, my config is found in the Guild Wars 2 section. It seems like some work needs to be done either on the website side or the upload side of the application -- like being able to select which game the config is for. In fact, a couple of my configs for lesser known games are categories under the "Games" game. I'd wager the game database for the community website needs a massive overhaul. It could integrate with something like IGDB for a more complete games list but I still think the best way to go about it is to simply let the user determine which game their config is for rather than using an algorithm to determine it (which I'd wager scans the config name and tries it's best to assign it), with the additional benefit of letting user's add games to the database.
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        Hi there,

        amebix517 May I ask you to provide profile links that you can't find in public. As I understand, you can them in your account. Were they moderated (this is how it looks if no)? Config could haven't been moderated because a config has incomprehensible, offensive name, duplicate config that have been already posted by you or duplicate reWASD configs, like Desktop, etc.

        Share profiles link to resolve the issue.

        CriticalComposer The issue is that they are no Guild Wars game in the database as there are not enough posted configs of the specific game. Usually, we add game with 2 or more posted configs. So, the config was added by mistake. The Guild Wars will be added in the database.

        I think, we will add the post about how community works, moderation rules, etc soon to avoid issues like this.
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          I used to use Pinnacle and loved it for the community and its massive library and this is by far its successor. Along with its official profiles, they also had forums and a database of user created profiles, even for the most rarest or classic games.
          I mean even one profile adds to the library, regardless of how insignificant the mapping actually is. I made a config for Stasis (along with MANY other classic point and click adventure games in order to learn the software) a bare bones point and click game with very little mapping needed.
          Anyone could make it in 5 minutes. The thing is, people may not want to map it themselves and just grab an easy config file OR they may feel intimidated with the software etc.
          I really think ALL profiles made should be searchable by search words if they aren't shown under the actual game titles. Unless I'm wrong thinking that their more "unpublished" profiles than published.

          I bought the software for the profiles and not just for the mapping, tons of software out there can do that and I understand that more popular games will get more profiles. I just think if there where a more robust library, people like me who came for the profiles would be more likely to support the software, even more so now that Pinnacle is, unfortunately and tragically gone in more ways than one.

          I just think an advanced and optional searchable database should also be implemented to find those that aren't found through regular means.
          Trust me, this is my ONLY complaint as I truly love this software and I am happy to support it.


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            We got your point, amebix517, Basically, each config is available in public search if it's moderated. Anyone can download config for a certain game or similar game using filters, like config containing turbo or combo or shortcuts, etc.

            But we disagree that each of config should be in public. In case the config does not contradict moderation rules — it will be added and available to use for all customers. As configs are moderated in a manual way, it may take some time when the game, config that was made for, will be added to the database and linked with a posted config file. Agree, that's not convenient, so we're working to optimize this process.

            Don't worry! Be Happy!


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              Hey there!

              All new games are added manually by our team, and so there may be a delay before the game appears. We are extremely grateful for sharing your elaborate configs, but we also have pretty many bad-quality ones that need to be checked too. We will re-check the base of the shared configs and add more games in the nearest future.

              At the moment, you can find the configs for any game (if the game's name was added to the config's title for the community, app name or the list of the associated apps), but you need to search here. It seems I can see all your configs for this game there

              The idea to let user pick a game (and a controller) is a great approach, and I think, in a while, we will do this, but still our team will need to add games and check the configs, so the delays are still possible.

              Thanks a lot for the suggestions, we will definitely try to do our best to make the community more convenient.


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                Would it be possible to have a feature where if a profile has been approved, and you search keywords that happen to be in the name of the profile, it would appear? For example, I have an approved profile for an obscure game I play if someone typed in the name or the acronym of that game, they still wouldn't see it even though it is approved. To be honest I only posted it to troubleshoot some issues I am having and to share the config with a friend for them to try to troubleshoot as well. I am just replying as I found the topic interesting.

                So I'm not so pressed about this issue but I can see it as a concern from a community-building standpoint when all of the displayed configs are for the most popular games and as far as I can tell there is no list of searchable games that staff at ReWASD have added for searchable config files. This in the end will keep people from sharing configs for more niche or underrated games, and pigeonhole the ReWASD config community to AAA or just overall more popular games being played around that time. Obviously the more popular games have more interest and are better suited for featured config files but would be nice for retro/ indy gamers or overall more niche commuties.

                I understand why you all wouldn't want just anything and everything showing and searchable as the possibility of a terrible config that may cause a random community member terrible issues by accident or by malicious intent. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

                Note for OP, it would treat you well in life and leisure if you learned how to express your frustrations without acronyms, profanity, and punctuation that make you seem less approachable for a reasonable conversation, especially when addressing strangers.


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                  You can find a config using a keyword or the game's name but you need to search on another page, this one. It appears if you turn More configs link at the bottom of the main page:

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	f25ab8b84f.png
Views:	244
Size:	157.5 KB
ID:	223405
                  On the main page, we search among games. And if there are no games, nothing appears here.
                  I am not sure if we can combine both search mechanics here, but we will definitely take a look at it with a team.


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                    I wasn’t aware of that, if that’s the case that seems perfectly acceptable to me. Thank you for including the image.


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                      Awesome. Have a great gaming experience.
                      Don't worry! Be Happy!