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Could use a hand changing a combo on key release

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  • Could use a hand changing a combo on key release

    Alright there having trouble wrapping my head around this, What I am trying to do is a long press + hold to activate combo on the left shoulder button of the elite 2 controller, I'd like the combo to use the keyboard commands Ctrl 5 Ctrl 6 while I am holding it then when I release the shoulder button for it to do say Ctrl 5 + Ctrl 4.
    It's a power management thing, hold button change power to this setting, release button to go back to how it was.
    Cheers for any input given!

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    It is yet impossible to set combo to [Start/Release Press] activators. I will note this as a suggestion. Thank you!


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      Hey there!

      We have released reWASD 6.2 which allows you to set Combos to Start and Release activators. Please download the latest build from the official site or update from the app itself. Would be grateful for the feedback