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Fortnite Aim assist delay

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  • Fortnite Aim assist delay

    Hello, I have a problem and although if I activate the fortnite aim assist and double movement config, the aim assist only works after 4 seconds. I have rewasd the 16.99 package so paid license for everything knows who knows what is the cause of the double movement is immediately bare aim assist only works after 4 seconds. i am btw german so you can also write german

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    As far as I know, "double movement" requires inputs from both keyboard and gamepad, while aim assist is available for gamepad only. "4 seconds" here is a game thing. There is nothing reWASD can do about it if you want to use both at the same time.


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      there is a possibility to get aim assist on mouse and keyboard at rewasd and if you want to shoot, for example, it starts immediately and if you just build it with a keybind


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        It does. When all controls are remapped to a virtual gamepad. But if you use "double movement" at the same time, you pass keyboard inputs to the game, what disables "aim assist".


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          I only use aim assist but it only activates after 4 seconds. Can you fix it somehow?


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            I'm afraid there's nothing we can fix there. Though you can try these out:
            • check in-game settings that might be related to this problem;
            • check if you have any unwanted [Shift modifiers] set (can be seen on main [Shift] at [Keyboard] sub-config);
            • try disabling [Slots] change shortcuts at [Preferences > Slots]
            • if you're using [Autodetect], check if no other process comes on top (some overlay maybe?), or disable [Autodetect] and apply config manually.