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Gamepad mapping service is not installed

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  • Gamepad mapping service is not installed

    Good afternoon!

    I've been having some issues with reWASD recently and so I went to run an update on it. When it completed the update a new window popped up saying that the "Gamepad mapping service is not installed" and when I click the Install button nothing happens. It just loops back.

    I uninstalled reWASD and installed the latest from scratch and I'm still getting the error. I also looked in services and I'm not seeing Gamepad mapping service in my list of services. What do I need to do to get this installed and working properly again. Thank you!

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    Something in your system prevents installation of our service. If you have an antivirus or security software installed, try adding reWASD installer and reWASD itself to the exclusions.

    If you're using some kind of Windows 10 optimization tweaks, they might be a reason for this. Undo them temporarely before trying to install reWASD.

    If nothing of that helps, reinstalling Windows 10 might be the only solution.


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      I literally got it working again. Thank you for your response Shion! What I did was: Completely removed everything reWASD on my computer. Rebooted. Reinstalled the latest version. Rebooted. And now it's working fine again. Sorry for making a new topic for something as basic as that!