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  • Zones not responding

    Hello, i was wondering if there is any problem with the Zones on the app, ive tried to use rapid fire on the hight zone but no success, i can make it work on the low and middle zone. I would like to know if there is a current issue with this, here is the setup on the link below. Thanks in advance.

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    Hey, there! As you are trying to add the the turbo of the same mappings as the physical key is, it cannot be reproduced because the software tries to press the key that is held already.
    If you want the key to stop being pressed once you reach the high zone, please activate the Unmaps feature for the zone you want to assign turbo to.


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      The high zone of the trigger is when it's pressed in full, thus, in your case, when you applied this turbo to low and medium zones, you could notice that once you press the trigger, lets say 50%, the combo triggers it to become 100% and then back to the actual press value, but if the key is pressed 100% already, there is no way to add 100% to the 100% press.

      Still, we have tried making your turbo work. This requires a bit of adjusting to your needs, but we believe it will work.
      Please make the combo as on this screenshot:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	1.PNG
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      And assign it to the high zone of the trigger.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	2.PNG
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      In the main page of reWASD, assign 'Gamepad mapping' to the right trigger.
      By assigning this combo to the trigger, you will cause it to be unpressed and pressed again from time to time. Important thing is to get a pause between iterations for Toggle more than the pause between iterations in the combo itself.

      Still, feel free to adjust the pauses to better suit your needs.