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    I am using full version ReWasd. I already mapped some combo to some buttons.Combos are working perfect but problem is combo stop. So I want to stop my previous combo during unsuccesfull of my combo against to my opponent on fight game. I already searched in this froum and saw a button shotcut as R1+L1+Share+Option. I cant press this button during game. Is there any anotherway? for example Can I a map this shortcut to anouther single button like just option button or share button?

    Please help.

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    That is the only way right now.

    Though you can try using [Turbo] to get similar effect. Adding a very long (30-60 seconds) pause to the [Combo] and setting [Turbo] flag for that mapping would make said [Combo] run only for as long as you're holding that remapped button. The trade off is that you'd have to hold the button for the whole time combo is running instead of just tapping it once.