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Mouse function doesnt work on controller

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  • Mouse function doesnt work on controller

    The keyboard functions work good but its the mouse that wont relay onto the controller, Ive tried the preset valorant and custom keys but nether work

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    Hey there!
    The issue is that this error is related to the game itself. For some reason, Valorant detects input only from the device that is being used first upon the game launch.

    Nevertheless, even if the issue is not related to our software, we are looking forward to releasing the fix for similar cases.

    At the same time, while such a fix is being under development, there are 2 possible things you can do to fix the issue:

    Once you clicked the game icon to launch it, try not moving the mouse at all, so only the mouse input from the controller is being initialized by the game. If the game does not receive any input from the physical mouse upon the startup, the virtual mouse, mapped to the stick of your controller will work in Valorant without any issues. More radical way. You can disable the physical mouse input at all during the Valorant config apply. For this, please create the group of devices with your mouse and controller together. Once the group is created, please edit the config for the mouse. All the mouse directions should be Unmapped and nothing should be mapped to it. This will make the physical mouse not moving while the config is applied, but it should fix the issue with the virtual mouse detection in the game. To bring the mouse back, you can press the combination of Ctrl+Alt+Delete. This will disable the remap.


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      its not the game, I cant control it before the game starts


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        Originally Posted by Skies View Post
        its not the game, I cant control it before the game starts
        Please send a screenshot of the full reWASD window with your controller setup.