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Multiple controllers with unique mappings

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  • Multiple controllers with unique mappings

    I have two groups of devices:

    Group 1: Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller + Brook Xone SE adapter (using it attached directly to the PC but not to a physical controller, as I'm only using it for gyro input)
    Group 2: Hori Tac Pro + Keyboard + Mouse

    I want to be able to map the Hori Tac Pro buttons to keyboard commands (it presents as a PS4 controller) while keeping standard Xinput mapping with the option to assign keyboard commands to the face buttons or paddles discretely. The issue I'm running into though is that with the way subconfigs appear to work, any keystroke mappings that I assign to one device that shares the "Gamepad 1" device is automatically carried over to the other device that is assigned to that subconfig. So any keybinds that I assign to the Hori Tac Pro in Group 2 are also applied to the Xbox Elite controller in Group 1 as long as the Xbox is the first one addressed.

    Now, I seem to have come up with a workaround by reordering my Group 1 so that the Brook Xone is the first device in the group which forces the Xbox Elite into Gamepad 2. This is a less-than-ideal solution though, for several reasons. Firstly, i essentially have to sacrifice an entire device's mapability just to push the Xbox Elite out to the Gamepad 2 subconfig; in this case that's the Brook Xone which I'm only actually using for gyro, but if that were not the case then I'd be losing independent mapping on whatever that first device in the group was. Second, it's dependent on this particular hardware layout, and if I ever wanted to add a third device grouping (or standalone controller) it would automatically inherit the Hori Tac Pro bindings based on that Gamepad 1 subconfig. Lastly, from a UI/UX perspective, if I'm in Group 1 to adjust mappings on some game specific profile I am mostly going to be doing so on the Xbox Elite controller, and now that it's Gamepad two that's just one more click to get into there every time since the default mapping of Gamepad 1 is something i'm pretty much never going to touch.

    So really this boils to the question of, is there really no way to either a) assign independent mappings per device group or b) at least manually reassign which subconfig a particular device is mapped to?

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    Hello there!
    Can you attach screenshots of configurations and screenshots of your device groups? If you apply 2 different configs to two different device groups, you shouldn't have any problems. If I understand you correctly of course.


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      Ahah! The separate configs were the missing piece that I didn't understand. Thanks for the hint, that allows me to maintain separate mappings.


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        I have one question, Can i connect xbox elite series 2 separately(as an xinput controller) and brook xbox one SE using bluetooth(but connected in the expansion port of the xbox controller without connecting the usb c cable in the top side) at the same time. I mean will xbox controller expansion port give power to the brook xbox one SE without connecting the usb c cable on the controller?


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          As I remember, it won't work in this way


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            This may depend on the firmware in Brook. I was once interested in such scenario too and tested Brook One SE long time ago. In fact it did work first, but after some time Brook has dropped bluetooth connection to PC, maybe because USB cable from Elite was disconnected.
            This thing needs more investigation and we even tried to contact Brook but nobody replied to us. We did not check if newer Brook firmware updates fixed this - you can try it yourself.
            At least from reWASD side nothing prevents such operation.


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              Thanks for your answer guys, i would like to try but if im not sure that this is going to work i dont want spend 50 euros on this device


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                We understand, but we can't guarantee anything at this time. Hope for your understanding.