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  • Stick mapped to camera

    In Guild Wars 2 the camera moves with the mouse when you have the moue Right Mouse Button held down.

    I would like to map the right stick on my controller to instantly move the camera. I have tried a few things but I am wondering what is the best practice for keeping the Right Mouse Button held when moving the right joystick. That is my priority.

    Second priority - if it is easy, I would like to be able to quickly temporarily turn off the Right Mouse Button using the stick to move the cursor, and then QUICKLY turn the RIght Mouse Button back on.

    I have found it difficult to toggle this on and off and sometimes I am fighting multiple things and panicking while my cursor dances around the screen without the Right Mouse Button.

    Just looking for a "best way".


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    Some Guild Wars 2 configs have a right mouse button click assigned to the stick zones. A lot of users use it as it is.
    Please check this article for the advanced stick settings.

    By adding the left mouse click to the zone, the stick movement in a particular zone will lead to the trigger of a left button press once deflection of the stick reaches the zone specified.
    Please check this usecase.

    Toggling it on and off can be also possible using the shift mode. This feature allows to switch the layout of your device by holding or toggling some particular button. Here is the article for you!