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Virtual controller appears, real controllers not being hidden

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  • Virtual controller appears, real controllers not being hidden

    This guy on a Discord I frequent raves about this software so I decided to try it, and while I've got all three of my controllers grouped (2 BT controllers and on-boards for an Aya Neo), and the virtual controller is being created, and even seen and identified properly in Steam (sends a vibrate to all of them) it's not hiding the actual controllers at all. They still show up in the system, and more importantly, to Steam, which is only using the on-board controls since they get detected first. Any ideas what might be wrong here? The "hide physical controller when virtual one is created" option is checked, and this is Windows 10, if it helps any. An Aya Neo is like a GPD Win3, but AMD based, if you're not familiar with it off-hand. Basically looking to smoothly switch between the on board controls and a BT controller when I feel like propping the device up on a table.

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    We would appreciate it if you could share us with the screenshots of joy.cpl before you apply the config and another screenshot for the 'config applied' state, so we can see which devices are being shown in the system once you run the remap on.