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Just can't get the mouse right-too sensitive, not sensitive enough, jerky, or spongy

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  • Just can't get the mouse right-too sensitive, not sensitive enough, jerky, or spongy

    So, I'm struggling to get the right profile for Warzone. I'm bouncing all around with the mouse feeling too sensitive, not sensitive enough, jerky, or spongy. Anyone got a perfect mouse setup for both regular as well as a shift modifier ? I feel like I've tried it all... but surely I'm missing something!

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    It should be understood that a perfect configuration for one user may not be perfect for another.
    You can check out the Warzone configs that are available in our community. It takes some time to tweak your config, because setting up your mouse as a right stick is a very individual thing.
    This video can help you out with that.


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      Hey there!

      It may be not enough to tune the settings in reWASD only, so I suggest that you check the in-game options too. Pay attention to the stick settings for the camera. You should minimize the deadzone there + it is better to tune the sensitivity a bit, increase it.


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        Thank you for answering. I think bringing deflection down to minimum of 100 has greatly helped precision. Now when I move the mouse slowly it moves more like a mouse instead of jerking around as if the dpi is set too high.

        I'll keep experimenting.


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          Thanks for trying Hope you will adjust your perfect config.


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            I bought rewasd over a year ago. Never used it because I couldn't get the settings right, but am now giving it another try because I'm sick of the over powered aim assist in the game. I'm well above average with the keyboard/mouse. I've been playing fps shooters since Quake 1. The TTK is so important these days and any error at all, you will lose a close gunfight to a less skilled player because of Aim Assist in Warzone.

            IMO I'm just leveling the playing ground. Emulating a controller, getting it set right, and then even using it with its quirks isn't trivial by any means. I hate hackers and this isn't hacking to me. AA is just too powerful when all you have to do is be close to an enemy, shoot, and pull down on the gun to help some with any recoil that might take you off the target enough to cancel AA. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't know that AA was OP. It's evident when testing this with rewasd. I don't really even aim. Just put the crosshair close to the target and start shooting. It effectively sticks to the target which is pretty screwed up.


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              Yep, when you emulate the controller on your mouse and keyboard, you get different input, it is not the same as getting aim assist for the mouse as is.
              But with some tweaking, the behavior could be pretty close.