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  • Double tap key and hold combo macro


    I wanted to make a quality-of-life macro for Streets of Rage 4 where on my Xbox controller, when I press and hold the Left or Right on the d-pad, then press the Y button the macro will send Left/Right once, release, and then quickly press X button and press and hold Left/Right down until Left or Right on the d-pad is released. I tried to accomplish this by using Shortcuts but there was lag when pressing the Left/Right on the d-pad. I also tried to add a shift layer (activated by pressing and holding the Left or Right), but my Left or Right on the d-pad press isn't ignored so the macro doesn't come out correctly. Thanks!

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    I'm afraid this combo will not work implement. Left/Right cannot be ignored, using it as a shift modifier, and in a combo it will not be possible to hold down these buttons at the end after pressing X.