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Use REwasd witch Tartarus V2 and a XAC and a joystick

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  • Use REwasd witch Tartarus V2 and a XAC and a joystick

    Hello, I'm going to buy an XAC on which I'm going to plug a joystick on the USB port on the right side to use it instead of the mouse.

    I will use it with a RAZER Tartarus V2.

    Before buying the XAC and the REwasd license I wanted to know if the whole thing can work together (Tartarus V2 + XAC + Joystick connected to the XAC) and also if it is possible to configure the whole thing together?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Xbox Adaptive Controller has the Xinput mode, as a result, it will be recognized by reWASD as Xbox 360 controller, so you can remap it, there should be no issues.

    We have never tested the Xbox adaptive controller and as a result, we cannot guarantee that your setup of Tartarus + XAC + Gamepad will work together under the Xbox adaptive controller.

    Razer Tartarus is also not supported in full, you can only remap its keys as remapping the standard keyboard.

    Please check the list of supported devices as well.

    To sum up - there will be no issues with Xbox Adaptive controller as it has Xinput mode, the same story with the gamepad, if it has the Xinput mode, you can connect it, there should be no issues.
    But the Razer Tartarus can be remapped only using its keys, the device developer is not allowing our app to get any input control of its stick and additional keys, unfortunately.