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  • Need More KeyBoard Buttons


    I've ran out of phsycial keyboard space on my laptop for macro's! I can no longer map anything new as there are physcially no more buttons for me to map --- Does anyone have a suggestion or any work around as to how I can get more keyboard buttons?

    Many Thanks!


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    There are a few different things that will let you maximize the number of active controls. I will send a few links to our help guide, but in case you have more questions, please let us know.

    Activators: map different things to Single, Double, Long, Triple presses + Start and Release.

    Shift mode: the ability to set a layer of new mappings that will be activated when you press and hold (or tap with Toggle) the Shift modifier.

    Shortcuts: different actions set to the combination of 1-4 keys.

    And finally, you can mix all those things together


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      Hello thanks for replying so quick!

      My issue isn't with rewasd --- what I need is a second (virtual) keyboard that will output different commands to the first keyboard. I'm mapping all key commands to another piece of software, and now that I've ran out of spare keys I can't map them into the other software without commands crossing over and activating parameters it shouldn't be activating.

      The F13 - F24 commands are great as it allows me access to furthur keys that exist in Windows but not on a real keyboard.

      Is there a way to create a virtual Keyboard that has F25 - F99 on it? This way I can avoid crossovers!

      Big Thanks



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        Oh, surprising request.

        Which other software you use? Are you sure that it could handle F25-F99 keys? Frankly speaking, at the moment, not sure if it is possible.


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          I'm using a piece of software called Resolume which is a piece of Visual Mixing software; I've asked in the forums if it's possible so awaiting for a response to see if it's even possible! I am creating what I can only describe as the Don Daddy Don of controller setups which fortunately/unfortuntely requires a lot of custom macro'd buttons!

          I know that within the Flight Simulator community these kind of problems are common, as they need lots of custom keyboards and thus Windows commands to map every button and dial within the cockpit. I don't know if there are any flight Sim ReWasd users out there who have found a workaround? I know Auto Hot Key is a solution used by the flight simmers; but it is a lot of effort to set up and get working ahaha


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            OK, will be waiting for the clarification from their side

            May I ask why you need additional software to remap your keyboard and controller? Do you lack something in reWASD?


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              Yep I'll write it in here as soon as I hear something!!

              Ah it's because it allows you to map buttons that exist in Windows, but not on a standard English keyboard. Such as different languages or Emojis, which all register as their own unique Microsoft keyboard inputs. I learned from this video I reccomend watching it's very interesting!:


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                Hm, interesting. Still, there is a workaround from our side. You could use ALT codes for many specific symbols. In reWASD, you will need to set a combo that includes the code, and it will output the symbols, smiley and so on. As for another language, I think it could be done with a combo too: you need to press the key that switches the language, then paste the symbol you need, and then switch the language one more time.

                When you use any remapping software, even the greatest one, you will experience a very little delay. If you use two remappers, the delay may be significant. That's why I suggest that you consider using reWASD only for most cases you have.


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                  NOO WAAAAY IT WORKS!!!!

                  I can use key combos Hold until release 'ALT + (Number keys) to output a brand new result! And the other software I am using also supports ALT Code! I now have unlimited potenital key mappings at my disposal!! Legend Thank you very much man this will help me massively going forward!!

                  Oh yeah I'm much happier using ReWasd than any other Macro program - The UI design for ReWasd is actually phenomenal and makes a complex mapping proccess like this so streamlined and easy!
                  Brilliant Thank you very much!

                  Any more relevant info I discover on this subject I'll post in here!


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                    Yay, happy to know that this info comes in handy

                    Sure, will be waiting for your updates.