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Emulate 2 controllers for rocket league. Is this possible?

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  • Emulate 2 controllers for rocket league. Is this possible?

    Hello to everyone!

    Some here that are veterans of rocket league or coming from DS4 for Windows software are aware that you can play rocket league by controlling 2 cars with one controller.

    You can get an idea of what I am talking about here:

    So, the idea is simple...

    What if we emulate 2 controllers but taking that a step further?

    For example, starting with the first car then pressing a button on the controller and switching to the second car.

    Pressing something else and switching to controlling both cars ... etc ...

    I know about the slots with configs that rewasd has and the ability to change configs on the fly. But, is it possible to change/stop/start/.. controller emulation on the fly?

    Thanx in Advance!!

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    At the moment in reWASD you cannot emulate 2 controllers using one device or one group of devices, but we plan to make this possible in the future.

    You can make 2 identical configs using different virtual controller types in each of them (let's say one is a virtual DS4 and the other is a virtual Xbox One) and using Slots you will be able to switch between these configs on the fly.

    I'm not good at Rocket League mechanics, but as far as I understand you need to initially (before starting the game) assign controllers to Player 1 and Player 2 in the game, and then use slots to switch between them.

    A possible workaround: let's say the virtual DS4 is Player 1 and the virtual Xbox One is Player 2.
    Ungroup your devices. Apply the Virtual DS4 config to your gamepad (if you are going to play from it).
    After that, without turning off the remap on the gamepad, apply the Virtual Xbox One config to your other device (keyboard or mouse). This way you get two gamepads in the system and game at the same time. After that, assign two different gamepads to players (if that's how it works in the game) and start the game with just your physical controller.
    And use the slots to try switching between configs with different types of virtual gamepads.

    We have not tested this, but it might work.


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      thanx, 1ncorrect ! I am going to give it a try and inform the group if I manage to accomplish anything