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PS4 remote play setup using DS4 - "For Mouse and keyboard"?

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  • PS4 remote play setup using DS4 - "For Mouse and keyboard"?

    PS4 in living room, i5 PC plugged into TV in bedroom, DS4 connected via bluetooth. PC and PS4 are connected by gigabit ethernet but I still get input lag. Looking at reWASD I notice that it says "for mouse and keyboard" all the time, even in remote play mode, but I'm not using that functionality. It's not doing something weird like translating my inputs into keyboard and mouse inputs then translating that into the virtual DS4 is it?

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    Hello! For Keyboard and Mouse does not add any mappings to the controller. This is the config for creating a virtual controller from the keyboard and mouse.
    Please clarify, do you use an external virtual controller or Remote Play to play with the keyboard? Show on the screenshot of your reWASD window.


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      I don't use mouse/keyboard for anything. I'm only using the controller for PS4 remote play, though I would like to also use it for Steam remote play eventually (my main PC is also on the gigabit lan)

      Click image for larger version

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        The PS4 Remote Play config itself is designed to create a virtual DualShock 4 controller from your keyboard and mouse. Since you only apply this config to your physical DualShock 4, you create a virtual DualShock 4 that has an input delay identical to its physical counterpart connected via USB (a delay essentially invisible to the human eye)

        In reWASD you can emulate 3 types of virtual gamepad (DualShock 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360). If you want to play Steam games and not via PS Remote - you can change the virtual controller type to see if there is this input lag with another virtual gamepad.

        Also, you can use hardware mappings, then virtual gamepad will not be emulated, and you will get real input of your controller, but such mappings have more limited possibilities.


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          Uninstalled reWASD, tried DS4Windows + VDX and it works with no input lag. Shame really, I paid for reWASD and it feels a lot less hacky than what I've had to use.


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            reWASD does not have any extra delays or input lags by default. We only have a latency of maximum 5ms, due to remapping processes initiation.

            If you were facing any lags, it could be caused by the input switch, in case you were using 2 inputs at the same time, and for that, we have the Unmaps feature that disables the native input of the device you are using.

            You can check this article for the details.

            Another possible issue could be usage of 2 remapping software products at the same time. Please make sure you use only reWASD during it.