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PS Now + Dualsense quits working

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  • PS Now + Dualsense quits working

    Dualsense works fine when selecting a game and navigating the menus. Once I get into the game PS Now asks if I would like to Copy a save game over from to PS Now and all buttons on the Dualsense stop working except for the PS Button in the middle of the controller. I have opened Joy.cpl and it seems to recognize the inputs. So I am not sure how to navigate around this.

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    It seems to be a standard compatibility issue. Such issue is usually related to the incompatibility with the gamepad\game you try to play. Looks like the game does not support the DualShock 4 that reWASD emulate. Please check if the same issue persists in other games.

    In any case, it seems to be the issue of PSNow app, since controller works in a first place. And we are pretty sure our virtual controller still works after the disconnect happens in PSNow.

    You can check it on a gamepad-tester to be sure.


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      Hey there!

      Could you please ensure that you have applied a config with the virtual DS4 controller and restarted PS Now app after?

      Also it would be great if you show the screenshot of joy.cpl (to see how the virtual controller is named there) and define which game you are trying to play.