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Warzone REWASD not working

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  • Warzone REWASD not working

    Hello, i used rewasd for a while some months ago. today i reinstalled the app, downloaded a config from the repo but when i go into wz/private match to test, cod continues to say "switch to mouse and keyboard" when i try to use the mapping. however when i go on the menus all the key hints from the game are on the pad controls.

    Mouse not moving at all and keybinds not working. i don't understand what's wrong, last time worked like a charm.

    i'll attach a video

    Thx for the support

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    Hello! It may be a chance that the game doesn't detect the virtual controller.
    Please try the following:
    - unplug any physical controllers you may have
    - restart the game with all launchers after you applied a config and check again
    - try other types of virtual controllers here:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	5e91752d92.png
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ID:	228241

    After the new one, please restart the game one more time.

    Also try one more thing. Apply config with virtual DS4, and type joy.cpl into Windows Start menu. A window with a list of connected controllers will appear. Send a screenshot of this window.


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      Thx for the quick answer! i don't have any other physical controllers, i restarted with wasd applied without switching config and i also added to the wasd config other 2 hardware ids that it found on restart (even in i have only 1 m&k).

      Click image for larger version

Name:	1.JPG
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ID:	228243the screenshot shows only one controller and i verified that the controls match.

      but in game same problem as before


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        There are a couple of things you should try:

        1. After applying the config, go to the gamepad tester and see if your virtual controller works at all.
        2. Try all virtual controller types one by one.
        Algorithm is as follows - close COD, change virtual controller type - apply config - start COD.
        If the game has the possibility to set the input method strictly to Controller - do it.

        If on the gamepad tester config will not work - I recommend you to re-initialize your devices in reWASD.
        Based on your video, you activated detection mode, but after that you just grouped the devices. So it is possible that reWASD detected the mouse as a keyboard and the keyboard as a mouse.
        This video shows how to manually reinitialize the devices correctly.