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PSNow doesn't recognize controller without ReWASD open

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  • PSNow doesn't recognize controller without ReWASD open

    I've been enjoying Bloodborne on the PSNow for a week or so, when I got to a part that requires me to use a specific gesture. Since I'm using a third party Switch Pro controller to play, I don't have the touchpad that you use to open the gesture menu; long story short, I downloaded ReWASD to set it up and it worked. However, when I close ReWASD to use the controller like normal again, PSNow can't detect that I have a controller plugged in. I checked on my computer's side, and it is registering the button inputs; is there something that ReWASD might have done to cause this disconnect? Is there anything I can check to find out what's wrong?

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    Hello there. I am not very much familiar with PSNow software, however, I am pretty sure it does not support the Switch Pro controllers. And this should be the reason it does not work when reWASD is off.
    As stated there, PSNow officially supports DualShock4 on PC only.

    However, if everything was working normally before, we can only suggest to make sure to re-enter PSNow after you disable the remap, as sometimes PSNow cannot make on-fly controller switch.