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Response curve for "almos"flicks

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  • Response curve for "almos"flicks

    Hi everyone! I'm almost two days in tweaking my response curve mouse to pad stick but i can't figure out how solve this behaviour:

    Basically the slower i move the mouse (always doing the same travel distance) the more i can "rotate" the view of the character in game. If i do the same distance but faster, it translates in less rotation, up to 1/6 when i "flick" the mouse.

    ​​​​​​I tried the various curves (steep half parabula, as suggested on the advanced mouse guide, and a more smooth half parabula/logaritmic like one of the configuration "maximum mouse feel" but nothing, moving the mouse slower translates in more movement.

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    Hey there! It's important to understand, that sticks do not work as the mouse does. To turn the character from side to side quickly, you need to hold the stick for some time at the maximum point of deflection. Which, in case of mapping the stick to a physical mouse, is equal to slowly, but consistently, moving it in a certain direction. Please check out this video, we explain all the settings you can change (both in-game and in reWASD), and show how exactly the mouse remapped to a stick is different from the regular mouse.

    Also, here's the post where we describe all the settings that you can change to make mouse movement better.


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      So if you open the virtual gamepad overlay and move the mouse quickly, the thumbstick doesn't tilt all the way on the overlay? If it does it's just how stick emulation is - most games have acceleration. Tilting the stick all the way applies negative acceleration so that tapping the stick (translating to flicking the mouse while emulating) moves your crosshair just a little bit. I guess if reWASD allows you to limit the output range you might be able to avoid the virtual gamepad stick hitting the edge/outer zone, which is the only time acceleration is applied in some games. It will also result in a narrow range of speeds though, so it's best to disable the acceleration in game instead if it's possible.


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        The emulated stick goes to the edge but pretty quickly. The stick itself doesn't work the same as a mouse, and that is why it is not possible to move the mouse with emulated stick exactly the same.

        We suggest using combos on the high zone of the mouse (the one that is activated when you make a flick with a mouse). There is a video guide about how to make it work.