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REWSD with warzone and cheats

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  • REWSD with warzone and cheats

    Hello bro ,
    . I bought rewasd one year ago and it's perfect program . And so greatly with it . But now I use acheat with my game " warzone " and I'm playing with keyboard and mouse through rewasd to change it to controller , my question here is " the cheat net to read amouse while playing to activate aimbot with right click , so it can't read it coz it's controller now , any solution for this ???

    .. I'm sorry for my bad language .. 🤎🤎


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    reWASD team does not welcome cheats to be used with our software.

    We are a remapping software only. We do not use our software for cheating, we have never used reWASD alongside with cheats. As a result, we have never tested it with cheating software and cannot assist you in such case.

    Thank you for the understanding.