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New controller pop up Window problem

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  • New controller pop up Window problem

    when i connect new controller, some popup window shows ... but its blank

    cannot close it too ... is this connected to fact that i am still on trial period?

    Click image for larger version

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    I do not think it is related to trial at all, it seems more like the graphics issue.

    1st of all, suggest you to disable the reWASD overlay in preferences. Please let us know if that will help.


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      Will try your suggestion ... all other overlay works fine ... its just when a controller gets connected for first time - this thing happen


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        You can also attempt reinstalling the app and checking the integrity of your system files, just in case. And please keep this topic updated to let us know whether the overlay disabling or reinstallation helped.


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          Did reinstall and the problem persist - when new controller gets connected a window pop ups (i dont think its an overlay ... as i can put it behind other windows) but cannot see what it is.

          Hard to do tests as it only happens when new controller gets connected ... and i dont have that many of them.

          Atm uninstalled ReWASD ... doing some testing with Wiimotes for Dolphin emulation ... will install it back in few days


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            While testing Wiimote passthrough with Dolphin ... specifically its compatibility to run with another Bluetooth connecting other controllers ... this invisible pop up showed when I connected one of controllers.

            This is all while reWASD was uninstalled ... so its not reWASD issue (I suspect STEAM is behind this)

            Sorry to have raised false alarm ... my fault


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              We are glad you have found the root of the issue, and it was not caused by reWASD. Please let us know if we can offer any assistance