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Stick sensitivity when emulating virtual controllers

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  • Stick sensitivity when emulating virtual controllers


    I'm currently using the trial version of your program and I've to say I really like it so far! I've used DS4 windows for years and this program has many unique and useful features that could definitely improve the gameplay when using a controller. I'm having an issue when emulating virtual controllers, though.

    I'm not sure if I'm silly and I'm just not seeing the option (if that's the case, I'm sorry), but I can't find a stick sensitivity slider when emulating virtual controllers. I checked your Advanced Stick Settings article on the Help site but any of the definitions of the options seem to describe the actual stick sensitivity. Many games have sensitivity sliders that even when set at max, the sensitivity is just too low for what I am used to and find more convenient. So having a sensitivity slider within the program would be very useful for those scenarios. Also, there are many games that, unfortunately, don't have a dedicated zoom/aim sensitivity slider, so being able to decrease the sensitivity with the L2 as a shift modifier would be excellent.

    I know you can emulate the mouse with the stick and leave the rest of the mapping as a virtual controller but it doesn't feel that nice, in my opinion. Plus, having the icons in the games going from the controller buttons to the keyboard bindings every second is kinda annoying.

    Again, if the option is there and I'm not seeing it, sorry! I tried to find the info on Google and on your forums but I had no success. I'd appreciate some guidance and in case that is not an available option yet, it would be great if it was added in future releases! To me, the program would definitely be worth buying with those additions. Thank you!

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    If I understood you correctly, the closest thing I can think of to "sensitivity" you described is a [Response Curve] being set like this:

    For "lowered sensitivity"
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Low sens.png
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Size:	9.5 KB
ID:	229014

    For "increased sensitivity"
    Click image for larger version

Name:	High sens.png
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Size:	9.9 KB
ID:	229015

    For "halved sensitivity"
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Halved sens.png
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ID:	229016

    For "normal, but capped at half sensitivity"
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capped sens.png
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ID:	229017


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      Thanks for the reply, Shion!

      Yeah, I think that is the closest to a stick sensitivity setting but still not the same. Changing the response curve completely changes how the stick movements are recognized/read and thus, the way you play. Hopefully, these options will be added in future releases as it seems they are not available yet.


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        Hey there!

        Using the Response curve, you could adjust everything that is related to the stick movement. But I understand that it may be a bit difficult using the 4-dot system.

        We are planning to make it possible to adjust the curve with a function in addition to the dots. In this case, to make a kind of "sensitivity", you will need a function with an adjustable parameter. I am not sure when this feature appears in reWASD, but we will be happy to let you know once it happens. Stay tuned!