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gyro loses alignment with pointer when pointing off screen

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  • gyro loses alignment with pointer when pointing off screen

    Hi all,
    REWASD looks like an amazing program! I would happily buy it if it offered the following feature. Maybe it does already? Please advise.

    I want to use the JoyCon as a YAW mouse pointer but when I point off screen the pointer and the gyroscope lose alignment. So if I start in the centre of the screen, then point off screen some amount, then point back to centre, my wrist is now in a different position from when I started. I would like the gyroscope to remember where centre is but currently this is not the case. Is there an option for this that I am missing?

    I can post a video later to demonstrate what I mean.

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    At the moment, there is no such option in reWASD. We do plan to add the ability to go to the center of the screen to Combo, and we will be able to combine it with Gyro (for example, map to some other button, shortcut or button's activator). Unfortunately, I can't tell you the exact ETA when this feature appears in reWASD yet.

    By the way, are you using a single monitor? The most interesting part about the re-centering is about to choose the right center point. So, in your case, it is always a single one? Would be grateful for the details which will help us make this feature better.


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      I am currently using a single monitor and for gaming I always use a single monitor but in the future I will be using dual monitors for office work. Outside of gaming the alignment is a non-issue.

      I am actually a software engineer and I am passionate about this issue and I'd love to try to tackle it myself. I do have a few ideas. Since the gyro knows when it is flat, you could bind the flat state to the centre of the screen based on the X and Y coordinates of the mouse pointer. Then, given the height and width of the screen you could have 2 pointers. An on-screen pointer and a "virtual" pointer. The on-screen pointer obviously stops at the end of the screen and the virtual pointer could keep going. As long as the virtual pointer is on the screen the coordinates should be equal but when the virtual pointer leaves the screen they will not be equal. You could then freeze the X and Y coordinates independently until they are equal again.

      You could also potentially address drift and subtly correct the pointer coordinates if the flat state deviates from the centre pointer value however drift may just invalidate the aforementioned solution. I'm unsure if any of this is even viable to be honest.


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        Another solution might be to artificially zoom the screen so that the pointer never touches the edge of the screen while gaming. This would drastically reduce the unalignment. At the end of the day I'm looking for a setup that doesn't require ratcheting or requires very minimal racheting.


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          Thank you for the details — and some more things discussed in Discord recently

          Will do our best to implement both — re-center command and the ability to emulate mouse movements inside a custom rectangle.


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            Just a note, if the pointer loses alignment with the gyro when it touches the edges of the custom rectangle it will be the same result.


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              I assume that the pointer loses alignment only when you rotate the controller pretty quickly. If you use a smaller region + bigger sensitivity, it should work as you need I hope.


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                There might be 2 issues at play. The first is the same with any mouse. When you hit the edge of the screen you can move your mouse further but the pointer doesnt move. If you then move your mouse right the pointer will immediately move right. You then have to ratchet the mouse back to a comfortable position.

                The second issue might be if you violently move the joycon the gyro might drift. So yes a solution might be to increase sensitivity.


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                  Can't tell right now — we will need a research. But I hope it could be done and could improve the gaming experience.


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                    Not to hijack the thread but I have the same issue but it's all the time, not when hitting the edge of the screen. I tried lowering acceleration in reWASD as much as I can but it's still an issue. It leads to me twisting my wrist in an odd way to get close to the center. I bound on push to turn off the gyro and on release to turn it back on as a temp solution but it's not the best way to play smoothly.
                    Maybe it's a setting issue for me.


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                      Hello! There is currently no ETA for centering the mouse pointer on the screen, but we will let you know when this feature is available. We hope this will make the game more convenient.


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                        I tried out the gryo in Lost Ark and it centers perfectly till I hit the edge and push past like the op. So my misalignment issue has to do with God of War and not reWASD.