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Release Button After Another Button Is Pressed

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  • Release Button After Another Button Is Pressed

    So I have reWASD, my keyboard and my ps4 controller. Connected to PS Remote Play.

    I can use a shortcut to map SQUARE to both SQUARE and UP on the keyboard. This will allow me to send a Square signal to Remote Play as well as send an "up" signal, which my python script will receive.

    My python script does something when it receives "up" input, waits some time, then releases "up".

    Going back to reWASD, can I make it so that when the script releases "up", reWASD will release Square as well? If this is possible, I presume I would have to make use of Release Mapping, but I'm not sure how to tie in "Up" with "Square", or how to release when another button/key is released.

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    At the moment, reWASD doesn't support the virtual input, and I assume your Python script sends this one. Unfortunately, there is not workaround at this point, but I we considered something like this for the future updates.