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Mouse click on full trigger pull

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  • Mouse click on full trigger pull

    Hi there,

    I have my Xbox controller right trigger mapped to the left mouse button and would love to set it so that it only fires when I fully press the trigger, ignoring slight or halfway pressed down (basically the same as Steams "full pull action" option). I know it's possible (rewasd has been amazing so far!) but I've been trying different combinations of trigger deadzone settings for ages now, and nothing I do seems to make a difference :/ I know it's something super easy that I'm overlooking so apologies in advance!

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    To do this, you do not need to assign a mapping to the trigger itself, but you need to go to Advanced trigger settings ("Zones" button), change the size of High Zone to the one you need (1) and assign the mapping you need to this zone (RT High) (2).

    Thus, the left mouse button will only work when the trigger reaches the specified zone.


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      Perfect! I knew I was on the right track except I had left mouse button set in both the trigger mapping AND the trigger zone mapping instead of just the trigger zone mapping.

      Anyway, thank you so much for the quick reply and for the clear and concise instructions, I really appreciate it


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        We are always happy to help!